May 18, 2021 by Judith Allen Shone

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ABOUT Myasthenia Gravis, this site and me!

To help you begin

My hope is to open the door for visitors to tap into an introductory level in the world of MG, to provide links to help you find concepts and possibilities to discuss with a personal physician. I’ll hold the door, you have to walk through.

I am currently caring for my spouse with COPD, vascular dementia, Alzheimer’s, and anxiety, a role that began nearly ten years ago. When I am not advocating for Myasthenia Gravis I have been active in promoting awareness of Alzheimer’s disease and the role of spouse-caregiver.

But I now feel, because of my age, it’s time that I also help bring attention to myasthenia gravis, a disease that has challenged my life since 1956.

Let’s open the door and shine a light on MG!

So much more information and understanding about Myasthenia Gravis (MG) is available to readers now, sixty-five years later. Maybe my bringing attention to MG will help someone.

Here I offer links to related information that might help explain, characterize, and define the realm of myasthenia gravis. You might or might not relate.

My search for a diagnosis for weak knees, which eventually became muscle weakness, began about the same time scientists began to seriously study myasthenia, the late 1950s. Back then, there were far fewer doctors who had ever heard of it.

The name myasthenia gravis, which means grave muscle weakness, began to show up in the 1880s according to medical reports of that period. But how surprised I was to read in various history notes that muscle weakness may have been recognized as early as 600 BCE, and more recently, was actually found in medical notations from the mid to late 1600s.

It is my hope that today more doctors have been exposed to the name myasthenia gravis, along with symptoms, testing and treatment of this rare disease. In the US, “rare disease” means it affects fewer than 200,000 people in the country, although there are reports numbers may be increasing.

To try to keep up with the newest information, there are links here for you, the site visitor, so you can begin to do your own research. As you move along your path, your discoveries might help you help your doctor with an eventual diagnosis of your symptoms, whether MG or something else.

Begin with one of these pages:


What is Myasthenia Gravis?
Ten curious responses to MG
Confusion I experienced
Resources for MG (updating periodically)

Stay with us, come back, sign up (in right column) to get reminders about these posts.

Become part of the ripple of hope!

Watch the list in the right column. You will find Recent Posts throughout the month listed, about:

  • Tell one person, become part of the ripple of hope
  • Pronouncing the name
  • What is Myasthenia Gravis?
  • Some symptoms of MG
  • Myths circulating about MG
  • Terminology related to MG
  • How Myasthenia Gravis feels
  • Who might get MG
  • What is a crisis?
  • Causes of MG
  • How to prepare for Dr. visit
  • Recap


The COMMENT AREA at the bottom of each page is a good area to communicate your questions, where suggestions or answers can be shared as well. Comments are monitored prior to posting.

If you prefer PRIVATE COMMUNICATION, click here.

NOTE: This site originates in Ontario, Canada. Remember, health systems, education, and even research, may vary somewhat everywhere. But keep asking questions until satisfied. Never give up reading, asking questions and seeking answers.

Today there are many websites, many people doing research, many more patients commenting on social media, more doctors that have studied MG, or at least more who have heard of it than in my day. I hope that works to your benefit.

I wish you well on
your journey of discovery.

others can learn by reading what you have discovered… a site solely for awareness of Myasthenia Gravis.

Please read Disclaimer to understand that any published information on Myasthenia-gravis-insights.com is not for use in lieu of professional health care provider advice.

About © 2021 Judith Allen Shone

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