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In the initial short postings here during June, we have heard the name, we can say the name and know the sound, we even have had an opportunity to read a picture of the pathology of myasthenia gravis from Rebekah Dorr.

Let’s add common symptoms

While this is not an exhaustive list, these are most recognized symptoms frequently associated with myasthenia gravis, as speaking with patients would confirm. They are sometimes referred to as ‘early symptoms.’ Symptoms are not always constant, they might come and go, and most of those who are diagnosed will not have all these symptoms.

– Abnormal, weak or fatigued voluntary muscles, notably arms/legs and hands/fingers
– Difficulty walking/standing
– Loss of balance/unstable gait
– Fatigue
– Drooping eyelids
– Double or blurred vision
– Slurred speech
– Hoarse voice
– Weakness in chewing
– Difficulty swallowing
– Facial drooping/expressions
– Weak neck
– Shortness of breath
– Difficulty breathing

To learn more about symptoms see the list of sites on Resources for MG page with links to more information.

Contact the Myasthenia Gravis Society, in the US, for further help in recognizing what might be symptoms for discussion with your doctor.

As part of our campaign of awareness, we identify commonly recognized symptoms of myasthenia gravis. We speak of symptoms associated with myasthenia gravis, BUT the presence of any of these symptoms does not mean that anyone has a specific disorder. This site does not diagnose nor suggest diagnosis or treatment

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Always discuss with your doctor(s) and work with them to determine your condition and your best way forward.

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